My dad would be so mad at the way my landlord always keeps the lights and the radio on in rooms he’s not currently residing in. “Electricity doesn’t grow on trees!!!”, he’d yell.

I’m still an internet and computer dumbdumb

BUT I’m really good at communicating that I’m an internet and computer dumbdumb and that I’d like to change that and that I’m interested in all kinds of internet and computer things. And people who are not internet and computer dumbdumbs usually enjoy teaching people like me or at least sharing their passions, which in return has led to me being way less of an internet and computer dumbdumb than I used to be.

burnt out and rained on #sadpumpkin #stressedoutpumpkin #80hourworkweekpumpkin #noworklifebalancepumpkin #heartattackat41pumpkin

burnt out and rained on #sadpumpkin #stressedoutpumpkin #80hourworkweekpumpkin #noworklifebalancepumpkin #heartattackat41pumpkin

I’m glad that the bomb alarm in city hall today was most likely a stupid boy’s joke, but I’m kind of glad-der that by the time I went home, the bike lanes surrounding the city hall were accessible for traffic again because I could not have handled a detour.

That said, I do have a shit ton to do this semester but that is not the university’s fault, this is because I have a job and I fucked up majorly last year and need to make up for lost time.

Danish students are ingrateful bitches sometimes. This is the week we’re all giving feedback and they’re all whining “This is too much work”, “This is something I don’t have time for”, “To be honest, I think we’re reading way too much”, “I also have an internship, I can’t be expected to email three others students.”. And I feel like, yes? This is work? Of course it is? You’re studying? And you’re still getting 15 fucking ECTS points for a 15 page paper that you can hand in in a group?

Also, you’re being paid by the state to do so.


I went down half a jeans size in weight since I last bought jeans, so, with the knowledge that this make and model stretches out, I went down a size in jeans. I’m not at the perfectly-stretched out point yet though, so I’ll just have to make do with a glorious butt and squished intestines for a day or two.

I just rewatched Sons of Anarchy’s pilot and damn, that pilot was perfect and that show used to be so good and everybody used to be so alive.

I am reading a blog for men - modern manly men. The blog is made by a hipster razor. I’m not supposed to actually read it, I’m just looking at it for the structure but I keep getting distracted by these modern manly men and their ridiculous lives. I’m trying to find the most yuppie sentence. I’m currently deciding between

He laughs. “I have a weirdly high tolerance for repetitive eating.” He adds a dollop of almond butter to his creation and swallows a spoonful. 
 His wife, Amanda, explains: “We’re a beverage heavy household. Adam is about to make tea.”
Then he makes his way towards a cracked leather chair in his light-filled living room and meditates “for maybe 20 minutes”. Next is coffee.

Well, somebody will have to come with me to the Nazar concert in Hamburg in January

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