You go home when the guy you joke to about being an arrogant capital city inhabitant yourself (due to being an immigrant that has no connection to the countryside), “like all Copenhageners”, takes offence and says “I want to pull your hair and fuck you until you cry.” That’s when you go home. If you’re lucky, like me, you manage to say, “Well, I’m not gonna let that happen.” and if you’re even luckier, like me, it coincides with your friend wanting to go home, but either way. You go home after that.

Also, I finally figured out that one of the pretentious Danes has been trying to guide my eyes to his belt buckle for half an hour now (WHICH IS RIGHT ABOVE HIS PENIS YOU GUYS) and it took me forever to notice it, so I guess the lesson is, don’t flirt with me. I will not recognize it.

I’m talking Danish???

I left the not-boring work person behind with the two boring work people that dragged him down and now I’m at a bar, talking to pretentious, drunk Danes and it’s fucking exhausting.

Did you know it was International Whisky Sour Night tonight?!?!?

This night escalated quickly.

Zola Jesus - Dangerous Days (MAPS remix)

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Important things baby boomers taught me:

  • "You can always judge a person from their handshake."
  • I don’t know, probably some other stuff too, I just can’t remember right now.

I really should start a Bring Your Tweezers To Work Day because the light in the bathrooms is amazing and my eyebrows are in A State.

Psycho Beach Party. A movie about a girl with a split personality wanting to learn how to surf and also murder.

Bonus: Amy Adams saying, “Just look at that water. Overflowing with… boys.”

After a year of living in Denmark, Spotify tells me that my account can no longer be used from abroad since the max travel time is 14 days for a free account and I should update my profile, so that my country matches. So I do that, in the drop-down menu that consists of “Choose” and “Denmark” and save it but nothing happens. I “live in Denmark” in all profiles I might have ever matched up with Spotify, so it has to do with my IP address (that I have been using for two weeks). I finally figured out that it’s located in Switzerland (where corporate European HQ is), and Spotify won’t let me pretend to be Swiss, so that’s that. I can’t use a proxy server at work, so I guess I’ll have to finally upgrade Spotify. Ugh, internet. I hate you. I love you.

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