A+ hospital experience, 5 out of 5 stars, would do again

Everything ran super smooth and efficient. I had to wait three minutes altogether (and I was 15 minutes early). I thought this’d be a whole thing, disrupting an already busy day, but I spent an hour there during which they took some pictures with some weird camera, did an ultrasound and told me what would happen next. And I’m sure this could’ve gone even quicker had the one doctor not been training the other doctor on the ultrasound machine. Everybody was friendly and nice and the nurses and doctors told me exactly what they were about to do and didn’t use more scary medicine words than absolutely necessary.

I planned 15 minutes to find my way to the right entrance and floor and department of the hospital. And I only needed two! Fuck yeah, proper signage! Now I have to drink water while I’m waiting for the tracer they shot in my arm to be activated. It’s very sci-fi.

Today, a developer colleague (who dropped out of high school to start working because he’s really fucking good at what he’s doing) tried to guess what I, a marketing intern, am earning. Hah.

I made myself a “chokochino” with the new space age coffee machine at work. This is pretty embarrassing because you have to push a button that says “chokochino” but it was really rewarding at the same time because I felt like chocolate and it turns out that the space age coffee machine makes very strange robot sex sounds and movements when your drink involves chocolate.

Bei meinem Besuch im Reich der Grantler, Gothics und Geilos, also in Wien

Linus Volkmann, describing Vienna perfectly.

I wanted to pat myself on the back (by drinking a beer) for having been productive for 12 fucking hours today and not forgetting any of the stuff I had to do and only almost dying on my bike today, but then I remembered that the laundry I’m going to hang up outside is most likely to be rained upon tonight. So now it’s turning into an entirely different beer.

How did this supermarket queue grow from one to - I kid you not - nine people, in the half minute I decided to buy some apples to balance out last weeks terrible diet?

I just colour-coded the shit out of a 15 sheet Google spreadsheet that three people are editing and two more people are viewing and commenting on. Everything is so clear and self-explanatory now. Everybody that doesn’t know what’s what only has themselves to blame. I feel so good.

A crane is being built, software people look on, fascinated. #lookworkyoucantouch #bestofficeviewever (hier: Vesterbro, Copenhagen)

A crane is being built, software people look on, fascinated. #lookworkyoucantouch #bestofficeviewever (hier: Vesterbro, Copenhagen)

So. You’re gonna be gone for three to five months, right?

Flirting with sailors.

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